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Member institutions which have successfully implemented the SEED program include the School of Business and Management - Bandung Institute of Technology, Parahyangan Catholic University, the Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, the ARC in St Gallen and the San Beda College. Today, the SEED program, together with its varied preparatory and follow-up ancillary programs and initiatives, as well as its different variants of the program with different applications to different contexts and needs of different communities and locations, including the Mini-SEED programs to develop greenfield rural areas (new village development) of the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand and the Lasallian SEED Program for urban community development of the De La Salle University in the Philippines, has been successfully implemented for 22 times in the ASEAN region. 

For more details on SEED programs implemented in the ASEAN region from 2007 - 2017, please click here.

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